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Introducing PARITY

Personalized financial NFT that meets your risk preference.

Parity offers the ultimate epitome of balanced, bespoke crypto portfolio. It aims to deliver an optimal risk-adjusted return while protecting your downside all based on your risk profile. Investing in Parity isn't just about buying a token; it's about aligning your crypto investments to a tried-and-true methodology that could make you money consistently through "all weathers" through both the bull and bear cycles based on your evolving risk tolerance.
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Investing in PARITY is very simple

You make a deposit which is then transferred into a secure digital vault. Every 24 hours the portfolio isrebalancedand new user deposits are added.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Parity Product

What is the Parity strategy in Every Finance?

Parity is one of the risk-adjusted yield farming strategies provided by Every Finance. It is designed for investors who have a higher risk tolerance and are seeking the highest possible yields. Parity strategy involves aggressive yield farming techniques, and thus, it potentially offers the highest returns among all strategies

How do I deposit funds into Parity?

You can deposit funds into Parity by first connecting your Web 3.0 wallet to Every Finance. Navigate to the Parity product page, select the native stable token for the network you are connected to (for example, USDT for Ethereum), enter the amount you wish to deposit, and confirm the transaction. You'll receive a temporary NFT as a receipt of your deposit, which will be burnt once your deposit is added to the portfolio.

How are returns generated in the Parity strategy?

The Parity strategy utilizes aggressive yield farming techniques across multiple DeFi protocols to generate returns. The risk-adjusted algorithms of Every Finance continuously monitor and rebalance the portfolio to optimize yield and minimize risk. Please note that while the Parity strategy aims to provide the highest possible returns, it also carries a higher risk.

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