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BNB Smart Chain


TVL $0

Deposit USDT

Balance: ... USDT


Estimated Return


Token ReceivedGAMMA
Exchange rate1 GAMMA = ...
Deposit Fee...
Bonus Reward ≈ 2% PREMIUM
Transaction Cost... BNB
Deposits can take up to 24 hours to process. Whilst pending you will receive a temporary NFT as proof of your deposit
Welcome to GAMMA
Specially designed for the cautious investor focusing on asset preservation.
Analogous to the money market account in tradfi, Gamma provides a safe harbor for those seeking fixed income. This portfolio will contain mostly stablecoins, their equivalents or synthetic derivatives connected to real world assets (RWA) such as commodities. Therefore, Gamma aims to generate uncorrelated returns relative to the rest of the crypto indices.
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Explore the potential of Gamma and comprehend how you can tap into the power of a low-risk yield farming strategy that prioritizes stability.

Remember, your investment is not just a token, but a direct share in a dynamic and diverse portfolio of crypto-assets and vaults across multiple blockchains.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Gamma Product

What is the Gamma strategy in Every Finance?

Gamma is one of the risk-adjusted yield farming strategies provided by Every Finance. It is designed for investors who have a lower risk tolerance and are seeking the most stable and low correlating yields. Gamma strategy involves yield farming techniques mostly in stablecoins and high correlating tokens, and thus, it potentially offers the most stable returns among all strategies.

How do I deposit funds into Gamma?

You can deposit funds into Gamma by first connecting your Web 3.0 wallet to Every Finance. Navigate to the Gamma product page, select the native stable token for the network you are connected to (for example, USDT for Ethereum), enter the amount you wish to deposit, and confirm the transaction. You'll receive a temporary NFT as a receipt of your deposit, which will be burnt once your deposit is added to the portfolio.

How are returns generated in the Gamma strategy?

The Gamma strategy utilizes lower risk yield farming techniques in stablecoins and high correlating tokens across multiple DeFi protocols to generate returns. The risk-adjusted algorithms of Every Finance continuously monitor and rebalance the portfolio to optimize yield and minimize risk.

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